How to look after your mental health when working from home
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COVID-19 has changed the way we work. With Omicron now the virus still circulating in the community, many of us are having to occasionally work from home or take time off work.

Below are some tips to keep us connected with our colleagues and boost our mental wellbeing when our home and workplace have merged into one:
  • Keep a routine to create structure in your day. Whether that’s putting on work clothes, chatting (virtually) with colleagues over lunch, or doing your after-work yoga session, keeping up with routines is great for our mental wellbeing because it creates pockets of normality and predictability – our brains love that!
  • Where possible, set up a dedicated workspace with suitable equipment and create a routine that includes start and finish times, breaks and getting out in the fresh air. This will help you to maintain a boundary between your work and home environments.
  • Stay connected with your colleagues by checking in with them regularly. Instead of emailing, have a chat with a teammate on the phone or video chat.
  • Consider new ways that you can connect as a team – try virtual morning teas, Zoom karakia in the mornings or email chains sharing favourite songs or recipes.
  • If you can safely meet up with your colleagues, organise to have a walking meeting.
  • Find ways to take notice of the world around you, like looking at nature during a walk or practising a mindfulness exercise.
  • Compliment a colleague who is doing amazing mahi.
  • Find new ways to keep learning. Try reading an article or watching a video about a new topic you are interested in.
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