Why All Sorts?
Most people in Aotearoa right now will be experiencing some level of mental discomfort or distress – it’s a very human and normal response to this incredibly hard time we’re living through.

For most of us, that distress won’t rise to the level of a mental health problem that requires professional attention – we might need help and support, but we can get that help and support from ourselves, from our friends and whānau, from our workplace and from our community.

That’s where All Sorts comes in.
We’ve built this programme around the five key ingredients for psychosocial wellbeing:
  • Hope
  • Agency
  • Connection
  • Calm
  • Safety
We’re building this programme with the aim of giving you hope that your community is taking steps every day to look after you, your whānau and each other; remind you of the things you can do to look after yourself and those you love (and bring back some of that agency and control that COVID-19 has taken away), and help bring back a sense of calm and safety to your life.

If you do need extra help, visit our further support page.